1st Blog Post

After months of trying to put my site together it has eventully happened. First of all I’d like to thank Steve from Born Digital Web Design who has put this together for me. I did try putting a site together myself, but I’ll be honest I failed as I didn’t know the difference betweens my HDMLS and my hosting servers. Technology has sadly passed me by.
With this blog Ill be sharing photography links, showcasing other people’s work, and generally blogging all things photography. The majority of photography I’ll be sharing will be reportage style and portraits.
I’m also hoping to interview other photographers and getting an insight into their work, and ways to ‘make it’ in the ever increasing tough photography world.
I won’t really be covering camera equipment. Not that I’m different to the majority of people, always wanting that slightly more expensive lens; trust me I am the same. I want to concentrate more on  what I think are the most important aspects of photography: expression, freedom and creatitivity.
Also I’d like to thank everybody that has given me the encouragement to take my photography further. Special mention to Astrid Merget  from the WPO who gave me the kick that I needed, and also my mum for opening my eyes… Much love

2 Responses to “1st Blog Post”

  1. Chris Stanbrook says:

    Great site. Well done.

  2. Ann says:

    Excellent site with some beautiful and intriguing pictures. Well done and hope you enjoy showcasing in this way.

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