Arriving in Barisal

I wake up to the noise of the door being knocked on and a guy shouting “Barisal, Barisal”. I’ve got about two minutes to get up and pack.

I’ve had about 3 hours broken sleep and I’m in a bad mood. I want to go back to sleep. I meet my guide Ompta (I guessed his name but I know it definitely starts with a O) for the day and he suggests that we can go for breakfast after I drop my bags off at the misnamed Hotel Paradise.

The breakfast bar looks OK, I’m secretly hoping that the menu will say imported Sausage and Egg McMuffin but deep down I know this isn’t going to happen. So the menu choices are for BREAKFAST: Chicken Curry, Chilli Chicken Curry and just plain Curry. I really don’t want a curry at 6.30am but I know It will make the guide happy If I have something to eat, so I order……… a curry.

The curry isn’t bad but I’m really not hungry so I do that old trick of hiding the chicken under the rice to  look  like I’ve eaten it.

I still can’t get over how friendly people are here. Everybody wants to shake your hand and talk to you. Bangladesh might not have that many big tourist attractions a India and Nepal but I think It’s not always necessary. The places you visit when you go away are more about the people you meet on the way anyway.

After what fells like 9 hours non stop walking, I tell Ompta that I need to go back to the hotel as my stomach is making hideous noises that I’ve not heard since I was in India about 2 years ago. I knew this would happen, the minute I gambled and tried the local food my stomach would go.

I won’t go into detail but I can safely say my diet for the next ten days will be biscuits and Imodium. Luckily I bought my own Imodium as I’m guessing if I bought them here they would have some form of chilli in them.

When I dropped my bags off this morning I didn’t really have a proper inspection of Hotel Paradise. If this is Hotel Paradise I have no idea what Hotel Hell might be like. The worst part is that the air conditioning fans don’t work and It is so bloody hot. I spend half my evening in the showers, a cold shower.

To top it off, just as I get into bed I see a huge cockroach. I’m really not in the mood to try and catch it but It will annoy me If it’s not out of the room. So I spend the next ten minutes running around the room trying to catch it to no avail.  I just turn of the light and pretend it’s not there.

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