Another terrible night’s sleep. My room was boiling hot and it feels like I’ve been sleeping in a puddle.  Ompta (my guide) bangs on the door to wake me up: I’ve overslept again.

In the space of ten minutes we’re back at the same restaurant. I’m not backing down this time I’m not going to have a curry. I order a naan bread and a fried egg. No surprise that when the egg comes out it has green chilli’s blended in to it. Again no need to spice things up, a fried egg is perfectly OK on it’s own.

We make our way to the village I’m staying in tonight. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to like it, as the further south we go the quieter everything is. The countryside of Bangladesh is stunning, everywhere you look is filled with lush green fields and lakes.

I’m staying here on my own as Ompta has to travel back to Barisal, so I will be staying with his cousin. Nobody speaks English and even my special Bangali sign language technique is failing me. After a few hours sleep I take off with my camera and head for an exploratory walk. 

I walk through about 3 villages and I’ve somehow gathered a following of about 10 people. I feel like a rock star. I get the impression the locals don’t see many tourists around here. I don’t feel unsafe here in Bangladesh, I think people are just really intrigued. 

This is really odd but there is one guy that has followed me around since I’ve been here. He has been sitting right next to me the whole time I’ve been typing this. I’ve no idea If he lives here or what he’s doing. 

I think I’m going to have to say something to him If he tries getting into my bed.


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