Leaving Dhaka

After four days in Dhaka I leave to make my way down to Barisal. Arriving at the boat port in Dhaka I was met by about a thousand people trying to do the same thing. After bumpbling around using my Bengali sign language technique (patent pending) I finally found my boat and my sleeper cabin. And what a sight…The boat was overcrowded and the main floor must have had at least 200 people sleeping on it.  

 As we pull away from the port we bump and crash into other boats and I hear loud cracks. I’m no expert on health and safety but I’m sure that’s not a good thing. For the first half an hour of the journey I’m busy checking out the distance I would have to swim if the boat capsized and thinking would there be any way I could do it without getting my camera wet (there isn’t).
On the boat I saw the first Western faces I’ve seen since being out here. A German girl and two other guys are cycling the southern part of Bangladesh. I said to the German girl that she is bloody mad, I can only manage walking about 2 hours in this heat let alone cycling in it.A Bangladesh guy (who is with the German girl) buys me some cucumber.  I admit it’s not in the same league as a Big Mac meal but I’m looking forward it. I’m disappointed that when It comes it has got spices on it. Why would you put spices on a cucumber? This country is obsessed with spice.
About 256 conversations with the locals about the fact that live in the UK later, I go to bed. I’ve had hardly any sleep since I left London and tonight I’m not expecting anything different. Sharing with a local we have a brief conversation before we go to bed and I ask him ‘You don’t snore do you?’. He laughed and said  ‘No no no, I do not snore.’So what happens ? After about twenty minutes this guys starts snoring. Along with that and the hideous noise the fan makes I attempt to get some sleep. The last time I check my watch it’s 2.30 and I need to get up at 6am.Send more Red Bull


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