The Occupied Territories

The West Bank is  a Palestinian Territory under Illegal Occupation by Israel. On a daily basis, the Palestinian people have to deal with the constant harassment and oppression carried out by the IDF.

Tear gas and rubber bullets being fired at Palestinians protesting the bombing of Gaza.


 The IDF fire tear gas at the protesters

The Separation Wall is a barrier splitting communities in the West Bank. The wall was declared illegal under the International Court of Justice in 2004. Palestinians that live in the area are denied access to Medical Access, Water Supplies and from farming on their own land.

A Palestinian house in Hebron. As Palestinians are now forbidden to use the main street, the residents’ front door is inaccessible. Instead they have to climb through the window to enter their own house.

Hebron is split into 2 sections. H1 which is controlled by the Palestinian Authority and H2 which is controlled by Israel.

Madi Shella (right hand side) is the head co-ordinator at the Nablus Women’s Centre, situated in the Balata Refugee Camp.

The Women’s Programme Centre runs free educational and life skills classes for residents at the Balata Camp

Eid Jahaleen is the community leader of the Jahalin Bedouin people. The Israeli government are trying to relocate the Bedoiun community to a site in the West Bank close to a municipal rubbish dump.

A motorway built by the Israeli authorities that now divides the Bedoui community. The Bedouin people owned the land prior to Israel’s occupation in 1967

Sewage from the Israeli settlements runs down and spills into the Bedouin community.

The local Bedouin school is made out of mud and tyres and is under a demolition order from the Israeli government.

Palestinian farmer Abdel Abed Rabbo lives in a cave in the West Bank which is surrounded by four Israeli settlements. Plans have been made to build settlements on Abdel’s land even though his family have lived there for three generations. Abdel has lived in the cave for more than ten years.

Abed owns the last Palestinian-run shop on the Israeli controlled Shuhadah Street. Abed has been offered large sums of money to move but he has refused. As Palestinians are not allowed access to Shuhadah Street his only visitors are ‘internationals.’